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Students in the College of Engineering are educated using the latest state-of-art facilities, some of which include:

Department of Architectural Engineering Facilities 

  • Lighting and Acoustics Lab

  • Urban Lab

  • Model Making Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Daylighting Lab

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Facilities

The Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering houses advanced chemical and petroleum engineering laboratories. Some of laboratories operating in the department are given below.

  • Unit Operations Lab

  • Measurements Lab 1&2

  • Properties of Petroleum and its Products Lab

  • PVT Analysis Lab

  • Drilling Lab

  • Core Analysis Lab

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Facilities

  • Computer Software Labs

  • Concrete Lab

  • Structures Lab

  • Highway Materials and Transportation Lab

  • Surveying Lab

  • Hydraulics Lab

  • Soil Mechanics Lab

  • Environmental Engineering Lab

  • Structural Engineering Research Lab

  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Lab

Department of Electrical Engineering Facilities

  • Circuits and Electronics Lab

  • Communications and Microprocessors Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Control and Industrial Automation Lab

  • Electrical Machines Lab

  • Power System Lab

  • Workshop 1

  • Workshop 2

 Department of Mechanical Engineering Facilities

  • Computer Labs

  • Heat Transfer Research Lab

  • Control Research Lab

  • Fluid Research Lab

  • Computer Lab (CATIA)

  • Bio-Engineering Lab

  • Materials Lab

  • Advance Material Research Lab

  • System Control Lab

  • Material Research Lab

  • Robotics and Vibration Lab

  • Mechatronics Lab

Jun 11, 2015