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Dean’s Message

Engineering is a combination of knowledge, skills, creativity, innovation, management, commitment and ethics. It is the art of making practical applications of the knowledge of pure science. It is all about solving real life problems and providing optimum solutions and designs. Engineers shape the future of the nations and enhance the quality of life of the population.

The College of Engineering (COE) is distinguished by its rich tradition, commitment to heritage and innovation, and high ambitions to achieve excellence in teaching, research and services. The journey of the COE started in 1980, and since then the College continued to grow and flourish to become one of the few most comprehensive educational and research intensive Engineering Colleges in the region. The College aspires to become among the well-known and top-ranked Engineering Colleges at the international level.

The COE consists of five main departments offering an array of undergraduate, masters and PhD programs. These departments include; Architectural Engineering, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. All undergraduate programs are ABET accredited.

The success of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the COE has been supported by highly qualified and distinguished faculty and staff, who continue to set the highest standards of excellence in teaching and research in their fields of expertise. The students in the College of Engineering are provided with fantastic opportunities to be involved in many career development aspects; including, among others, extracurricular activities, participation in faculty research, and taking internships in high-tech companies.

I highly encourage you to review our website, explore study and career opportunities at the COE, learn more about our undergraduate and graduate programs, and perhaps visit our advanced educational facilities and research labs. The COE has a lot to offer both in the classrooms and out.

Prof. Sabah Alkass
Dean, College of Engineering

Jul 27, 2017