The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department has 9 different laboratories, which are the Concrete Lab, Structures Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, Highway Materials and Transportation Lab, Surveying Lab, Hydraulics Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Structural Engineering Research Lab, and Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Lab. These labs are well equipped to serve both educational and research needs. The experimental work and physical models are regarded as an important element in the educational and research process.

The laboratories include:

1. Concrete Lab

Location: Building E7 – Room 0007.

Description and Purpose: Concrete and concrete materials testing in the fresh and hardened states.

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL360, CIVL412, CIVL515, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL605, CIVL612, CIVL616, CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


Concrete Mixer, Pan, Capacity 56 Lit

Rotating Concrete Mixer, Capacity 280 Lit

Resistivity Meter

Electronic Balance, 150 Kg (accuracy 10 gm)

Sieves (Fine Aggregates)

Sieves (Coarse Aggregates)

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine for Aggregate

Drying Oven with 1800 liters Capacity

Temperature/Humidity Cycling Chamber with 1800 liters Capacity

VU-Con System, Impact Echo System, NDT James Instruments

Corrosion Parameter Analyzer, GECOR 6,  NDT James Instruments

Scanning Electron Microscope, JSM-6390 and EDS JED-2300 for SEM

Rapid Chloride Permeability Apparatus, RLC Instruments

Digital Demec Strain Gauge, Model S229-SYLVAC

Flakiness Index Gauge, EL42-0410 (ELE)

Elongation Index Gauge, EL42-0820 (ELE)

Automated Vicat Apparatus, Model E040-MATEST

Manual Vicat Apparatus, WF 57600 (WF) V36

Sieves, 450 mm Diameter, Stainless Steel, set of 10, Different Sizes

Sieves, 200mm Diameter, set of 16, Different Sizes

Balance, Buoyancy, 15 kg/1g, Type I15 (SARTORIUS) EL34-8020/01

Balance, Dial Bench, Capacity 100 kg (WEYRITE SCALES LTD)

Balance, Top Loading, 30 kg/1g, PE 610 (BOSCH), B172

Oven, Drying, 225 L, Model A8HC (ELE) EL22-0110/01

Oven, Fan Circulated, Model B3S (ELE) EL22-1170/01

Compression Testing Machine, 5000 KN, CBR CAT No. 50-C0080

Compression Testing Machine, 2000 KN, WF 55205 (WF)

Multiflow Mixer, Capacity 56 L, Type ELE (EDWARD), M132

Mixer, Bench, Capacity 6 L, Model N-50G (HOBART), B146

Compacting Factor Apparatus, WF 52750 (WF) C234

Consistometer , VIBRO (ELE) V7

Kelly Ball Apparatus (ELE) K5

Cone, Slump S89

Moulds with different shapes and size; cubes, cylinders, beams prisms     

Accelerating Curing Tank, 230 V

Curing Tank, 56700 (WF)

Flow Table GT 20 (Soil Test) F21

Tensiometer, Tensioning Equipment CCL 6T (CCL SYSTEMS LTD)

Flow Determination Apparatus, WF 52790 (WF) F55

Air Permeability Apparatus for cement fineness (Blain Air), WF 57592 (WF) B148

Permeability Automatic Tester, Model C241 (RMU)

Air Entrainment Meter, WF 52800 (WF) M131

Autoclave, 1 HP (ELE) A33

Drying Shrinkage and Moisture Movement Apparatus, EL 36-101 (ELE)

Vibrating Table, Model FFT, 1250 X 625 mm, EL34-6260/01

Le CHATELIER Cement Soundness Apparatus (ELE) W30

Gauge, Pressure 40 MPA (ELE)

Gauge, Pressure 10 MPA (ELE)

Gauge, Pressure 0.2 MN/M2, EL77-021 (ELE)

Gauge, Load 3KN, EL77-104 (ROBERSTON)

Gauge, Load 5KN, (ROBERSTON) L24

Gauge, Load 11KN, (ROBERSTON) L25

Gauge, Load 25KN, (ROBERSTON) L26

Saw Machine, Rock Masonry, WF 40.995 (FEDRAL-MOGUL), W50

Rock Splitting Machine, SRS 200 (TURRET ENG LTD), S143

SCHIMIDT Hammer Test (ELE) H28

Drill, 1 HP, B Rise (FOBCO)



2. Structures Lab

Location: Building E7 – Room 0011

Description and Purpose: Structural loadings, stresses and strain analyses

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL412, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL605, CIVL611, CIVL612, CIVL616, CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


3.0 x 3.0 meter Uniaxial Shaking Table with hydraulic power unit, water chiller, controller, PC and software

2,000kN Reaction Frame

MTS 500kN Hydraulic Actuator with hydraulic power unit, water chiller, controller, PC and software

MTS 500kN Hydraulic Actuator

TML 30-Channel Digital Static/Dynamic Strainmeters with Control Software

TML Displacement Transducer (100 mm capacity)

TML Displacement Transducer (200 mm capacity)

TML Acceleration Transducer (100m/s2 capacity)

TML Acceleration Transducer (200m/s2 capacity)

TML 500kN Load cell

High resolution digital cameras (18mp)

Manual Forklift, Capacity 1.5 ton

Strain gauge measuring system

Strain gauge measuring system

Structure Apparatus for testing trusses (10kN)

Universal plane frame for testing plan beams and trusses (10kN)

Universal digital indicator up to 5000kN

Load cell with high performance 5000kN capacity

Hydraulic jack with motorized pumping unit for applying up to 5000kN load

Linear Strain Transducer 50mm stroke

Linear Strain Transducer 100mm stroke

Linear Strain Transducer 250mm stroke

High performance indicator for use with AC output LVDT Single Channel

Data acquisition digital 24 channel including connection accessories

Electrical  strain gauge indicator to measure output of electrical strain gauges of 120 ohms and its connection to the computer

Digital crack measuring gauge

DIGI Schmidt2 with transfer cable to PC

Micro cover meter with Maxi and Mini probes

Profometer5- Rebar locator used for non-destructive location of rebars and for the measurement of concrete cover and bar diameter

Electronic Digital balance capacity (12kg)

Ultra sonic Pulse velocity

Hilti Ferroscan



3. Environmental Engineering Lab

Location:  Building E7 – Room 0010

Description and Purpose: Water quality, water and wastewater treatment pH, conductivity, and chlorine meters

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL375, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


SEBA Water Quality Dipper Type KLL-Q-2           

pH/Cond 340i SET 2 

Dissolved oxygen meter

Nitrogen detector for Analytic Jena TOC Analyzer


pH,Conductivity and TDS Meter

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer


Pocket Chlorine Meter

Conductivity Meter

Six paddle Stirrer

Muffle Furnace (up to 1200o C)

Hot air Oven (up to 300o C)

Digital Balance

Electric Microscopes

Incubator (B & T)

Air compressor

Water Stiller

Vacuum pump

Magnetic Stirrer, hot plate

Water bath

Water bath with shaker

Filtration Set, Coliform and E.Coil Field

Spectrophotometer DR4000

Ion- exchange Apparatus

Steam Sterilizer

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Turbidity meter



4. Hydraulics Lab

Location: Building E5 – Room 0010

Description and Purpose: Fluid Mechanics and hydraulic tests Armfield Hydraulic Benches.

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL345, CIVL400, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650


F1-12 - Hydrostatic Pressure

F1-13 - Flow over Weirs

F1-15 - Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration

F1-16 - Impact of a Jet

F1-18 - Energy Loss in Pipes

F1-14 - Metacentric Height

Floculation Jar Test

Odom Hydrocrack with 2 Shallow Water Transducers

Pipe-network setup

Cavitation Demonstration

Capture Series/Parallel Pumps Demonstration Unit (FM21)

Hydrology System Apparatus (S12-MKII)

Hydraulics Bench

Bernolli's  Apparatus

Hydrostatic  Pressure Apparatus

Impact of Jet Apparatus

Flow meter Demonstration

Metacentric High Apparatus

Reynolds Apparatus

Losses in bends Apparatus

Flow channel

Adjustable bed channel

Orifice and Jet Apparatus



5. Highway Materials and Transportation Lab

Location: Building E5 – Room 0005

Description and Purpose: Asphalt preparation, testing and evaluation

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL330, CIVL433, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL624, CIVL625, CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS)

Hand Held Turning Movement Counter

Air Bath

Constant Temp. Bath

Water Bath

Binder Recovery App.

Carr Hardness Number App.

Minor Centrifuge


Hot Extraction

Reflux Extractor

Sample Extractor

Pressure Filter

Flash Point App.

Load Frame

Muffle Furnace

Vibrating Kango Hammer

Saw Machine

Mixer with Two Heaters

Speedy Moisture Meter


Loss In Heating Oven

Rotary Separator

Bottle Roller Shaker

Mechanical Shaker

C.B.R. Lab Test

Combination C.B.R.

Compacting Device

Miltiflow Mixer


Universal Elec. Stirrer

Saybolt Viscometer

Standard Tar Viscometer

Nuclear gauge for soil density/moisture



6. Surveying Lab

Location: Building E5 – Room 0008

Description and Purpose: Location determination using land surveying and GPS, and aerial photo interpretation

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL335, CIVL358, CIVL531, CIVL534, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL628, CIVL629, CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


Total Station (5 Nikon bought AY 2008/2009, Sokkia)

Theodolites, analog and digital (Wild, Nikon)

Recreation grade GPS (Garmin)

Mapping grade GPS (Trimble)

Surveying grade (cm accuracy) GPS (Smart Antenna DGPs “Leica”)

Level instrument (Automatic + Tilting)

Rotating Laser Levels, Sokkia

Sun-shot Adapters

Electronic Distance Measurement instruments

Tripod, wooden and aluminum

Leveling Rods, wood and aluminum

Target Reflector Poles

Terrestrial Photogrammetric Cameras

Digital Calibrated Cameras

Digital Camera Calibration Field

Odometer Wheels

Measuring tapes

Ranging Poles

Pins, Plumb Bobs,…etc.

Wide format inkjet plotter, HP

Outdoors Precise Geodetic Network



7. Soil Mechanics Lab

Location: Building E5 – Room 0006

Description and Purpose: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Tests

Undergraduate Courses Served: CIVL340, CIVL442, CIVL548, CIVL585, CIVL590.

Graduate Courses Served: CIVL621, CIVL622, CIVL623, CIVL630, CIVL631, CIVL650.


Triaxial testing equipment

Shear Box

Automatic Compactor

CBR/ Unconfined Compression Machine

Soil Grinder

Consolidation frame and peripherals

Atterberg Limits Devices

Constant and Falling Head Permeameter

Electric Oven

Soil Homogenizer

Set of standard Sieves

Sieve Mechanical Shaker

Spatulas, containers, flasks, pycnometers .etc. 



8. CEE Senior Students Research Lab #2

Location: Building E5 – Room 0007

Description and Purpose: Computer lab to be used for research projects conducted by CEED graduate students.

Graduate Courses Served:  All graduate courses related to the Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Six High-End Computer Stations for Technical and Scientific Research Applications

9. CEE Senior Students Research Lab #1

Location:                                Building E5 – Room 0009

Description and Purpose:     Computer lab to be used for research projects conducted by CEED graduate students.

Graduate Courses Served:   All graduate courses related to the Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Six High-End Computer Stations for Technical and Scientific Research Applications




Aug 21, 2016