Academic Advising

First year students advising:

Fresh engineering students are advised through the male and female advising units located in the two campuses. The advising team guides students during major pre-registration, normal registration and during add and drop periods. The advising team members have some collective experience gained during the past years. They ensure that each student will fulfill the specialization requirementss as well as guide them to make the proper selection for their future career.

The advising team members are:

Female Advisors Male Advisors
Mrs. Fatima Almaskari:
Phone: 713-6592
Mrs. Salha Alnuaimi
Phone: 713-5108
Mrs. Basma AlShawoosh
Phone: 713-6593
Mr. Mustafa Rayeq Abu Dayeh
Phone: 713-5107


First year advising regulations:

ERU students are not allowed to take any specialized courses unless a clear advising note from the targeted department indicating that the student will not be able to register enough courses in the following semester.

Sep 20, 2017