Engineering Requirements Unit

The Engineering Requirements Unit (ERU):

The unit serves the College of Engineering to provide students with a good foundation in mathematics, basic science, and general engineering fundamentals. It provides solid preparation for the engineering major core areas. The unit manages and coordinates all courses of mathematics and basic science and general fundamental engineering courses that are required to be taken by all students in the College of Engineering. The mathematics and basic science courses are offered by the College of Science while the general fundamental engineering courses are offered by the College of Engineering. The first year at the College of Engineering is considered a venue for freshman students to the world of Engineering. Students will be able to stretch the first few steps towards science that provides services to humanity in the fields of technology, resource exploitation, and management. To achieve that, the teaching methodology in the first year emphasizes hands-on learning, teamwork, intensive use of computers and technology, and strong communication skills.

The main tasks of the unit include, but not limited to, the periodic review and update of ERU course files, the assessment of all ERU courses following ABET and CAA criteria, student counseling and advising, the development and maintenance of freshman labs, and the coordination and distribution of the teaching load for all ERU courses. This is in addition to the continuous coordination with the different departments in the College of Engineering, the College of Science, and the College of Business and Economics.

Dr. Essam Zaneldin
Head of the Engineering Requirements Unit

Sep 20, 2017