Computer Facilities

The department computer lab located in (E6/Lab# 2008) has 20 PCs utilized for special software. The lab is used for computer based courses, and to support  students’  activities and industry to hold student/employee training workshops.  

Various popular computer packages that are needed throughout the Curriculum including word processing and spreadsheets software are available. Other packages such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, and a CFD code (FLUENT) are used in specific courses as well. CATIA, a CAD/CAM modeling and simulation software are introduced as an instructional tool in some of the courses. 

Lab Facilities

Lab Room Number Lab Name
E6-2004 Mechatronics Lab
E6-2006 Multidisciplinary and GP Lab
E6-2007 Fluid Mechanics Lab
E6-2008 CAD Lab
E6-2010 Bio-Engineering Lab
E6-2011 Mechanics of Materials Lab
E6-2013 Aerospace Lab
E6-2014 Control and Dynamic Systems Lab
E6-2015 Materials Lab
E6-2016 Robotics and Vibration Lab
E6-2020 Control Lab
E7-0014 Thermal and Combustion Lab
E7-0016 CIM Lab
Aug 21, 2016