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Engineering Students Renewable Energy Competition 2014

Welcome to ESREC’2014

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th Engineering Students Renewable Energy Competition 2014 (ESREC’2014). This event is becoming the focal point of students enrolled in engineering, science and technology programs in universities and colleges across the UAE. The key objectives of holding this student day are: promote renewable energy concepts through students’ projects, provide experience in applying engineering concepts for renewable energy, exchanging experiences between engineering students, and enhance engineering students’ understanding of the impact of renewable energy on our society. The ESREC’2014 is a competition involving undergraduate students’ projects under the large umbrella of renewable energy; solar, wind, fuel cells, hydrogen, tidal, and wave energy.


The previous four events of ESREC attracted a large number of students from 11 higher learning institutions across the UAE and gulf countries. Students participated in the various activities of this exciting student oriented event. This reflects the high level of interest and enthusiasm with which students and faculty viewed ESREC competition events.


Best wishes for a successful ESREC’2014!




Dr. Hassan Hejase


ESREC’2014 Chair
United Arab Emirates University
College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering
Al Ain, UAE


Contact Information:


ESREC2014, UAE University,
United Arab Emirates, Al Ain
Tel: +971 50 693 3720 
Email: ESREC2014@uaeu.ac.ae;


Feb 23, 2017