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FUE2L-2014 competition


FUE2L-2014 competition is organized by the College of Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University, and comes in compliance with the university approach in bearing the country’s vision for the future of energy and environment. FUE2L is targeting first year students at UAEU (UGRU) and high school students (grades 10-12) in the country.

In this context, there are two competitions; the first is a project competition on two levels, the UGRU students and high school students. The project competition requires that students come up with a creative idea on energy and/or environment, related to chemical engineering and petroleum engineering issues. The proposed idea should be presented by a prototype and a poster, in addition to a project summary or abstract that needs to be submitted before the set registration deadline. All projects will be presented in an exhibition hall and evaluated by a judging committee. The second competition is the car race competition for the two mentioned categories, where each team is required to design a car engine that utilizes an innovative power source. The first three winners are the cars that cross the end line first. The judging criteria are explained in details below.

The event will also host an exhibition of chemical and petroleum industries. Local companies will be invited present and promote their respective industries and explain the prospects of career opportunities for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering graduates. In addition, presentations about the Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering disciplines will be conducted. Furthermore, representatives from the industry and/or alumni will give presentations that focus on the role of Chemical and Petroleum Engineers in the local and global market.

Feb 23, 2017