Master of Science in Civil Engineering

This graduate program covers various Civil Engineering disciplines including Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Highway and Transportation, Water Resources, Environmental Engineering, and Surveying. The necessity of maintaining the national development is placing increasing demands upon the government and private sectors to secure proper infrastructures, transportation networks, residential and industrial complexes. To help meet those demands, the program is designed to provide the community and industry with distinguished national manpower and highly qualified civil engineers for the sustainable development of the country. The program will train students intending to pursue their Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Graduates of the program would provide the link between the advancements in Civil Engineering sciences and corresponding applications. (Total credit hours is 30 for thesis and 33 for no-thesis)

Program Objectives

  • Provide graduate students with a clear and comprehensive understanding of advanced civil engineering principles.
  • Train graduate students on addressing contemporary, sophisticated, and complex civil engineering issues or projects by utilizing or applying multidisciplinary problem-solving approaches and using modern engineering tools.
  • Serve the life-long learning needs of the engineering community and develop the graduate students' attitude to acquire further learning experiences and motivate them to get engaged in Ph.D. or advanced training programs
  • Provide efficient and productive research environment to carry out fundamental and advanced applied research to address civil engineering problems in general and regional and national problems in particular.
  • Provide the community and industry with quality technical assistance and highly qualified national manpower to lead the national industrial development plans.
  • Enrich the collaboration in research and graduate studies between the UAE University and the national and industrial sectors in the country and worldwide.
  • Provide a solid foundation for establishing a national research center for the Civil Engineering discipline in the country.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe highly specialized civil engineering principles, concepts, and methodologies.
  • Evaluate the performance of advanced civil engineering systems and components through the use of applicable research principles, analytical methods or modeling techniques.
  • Conduct advanced research to develop innovative solutions for highly complex civil engineering problems through the use of appropriately selected research methodologies and modern engineering tools.
  • Apply advanced multidisciplinary problem-solving approaches to critically analyze contemporary, sophisticated, and highly complex civil engineering problems.
  • Present and critique highly complex civil engineering issues and communicate effectively at a high level of proficiency.
  • Lead professional activities and manage ethical issues in highly complex civil engineering projects.
  • Implement the social, environmental, ethical, economic and commercial aspects to develop valid decisions affecting highly complex civil engineering projects.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 30 hours

Civil Engineering

Required Courses (12.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CIVL600Graduate Seminar0.000
CIVL605Experimental Methods in Civil Engineering  13.000
CIVL602Environmental Impact Assessment Principles & Applications3.000
ARCH606Project Management3.000
ELEC600Numerical Methods in Engineering  23.000
STAT615Design/Analysis of Experiments3.000
1 : Either CIVL 605 or
2 : ELEC 600 should be taken by students

Elective Courses - 12CH for Thesis and 21CH for Non-Thesis (12.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CIVL610Advanced Mechanics of Materials3.000
CIVL611Structural Dynamics3.000
CIVL612Prestressed Concrete Structures3.000
CIVL614Advanced Steel Design3.000
CIVL615Bridge Engineering3.000
CIVL616Rehabilitation of Structures3.000
CIVL618Construction Equipment & Methods3.000
CIVL619Construction Contract Documents3.000
CIVL620Construction Cost Estimating3.000
CIVL621Advanced Foundation Design3.000
CIVL622Stability of Earth Supported Structures3.000
CIVL623Foundation Dynamics3.000
CIVL624Theory & Design of Pavement Structures3.000
CIVL625Pavement Management Systems3.000
CIVL626Advanced Traffic Engineering & Management3.000
CIVL627Design of Transportation Systems3.000
CIVL628Map Projections and Geometric Geodesy3.000
CIVL629Digital Terrain Modeling & Applications3.000
CIVL630Special Topics in Civil Engineering3.000
CIVL631Directed Studies in Civil Engineering3.000
MECH633Finite Element Methods3.000
MEME621Operations Research for Engineers3.000



Required Course (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CIVL650Research Thesis  36.000
3 : Thesis option students