Master of Science in Architectural Engineering

The Architectural Engineering Department offers an M.Sc postgraduate degree. The program targets practicing architectural engineers and architects with an undergraduate B.Sc degree in Architectural Engineering from UAE University, or equivalent in related fields, who wish to enhance their architectural knowledge, research, professional skills and advance their career, particularly in the area of sustainability and the built environment as related to urban studies, building science, or construction management. In addition, the program is aimed at students who wish to pursue an academic career in Architectural Engineering by preparing them for pursuing a PhD degree.(Total credit hours is 30 for theses and 33 for no-theses).

Program Objectives

  • Develop meaningful research on interactions between buildings and the surrounding environment at the local, national, and regional levels.
  • Provide research and professional training necessary for graduates to advance and move into higher professional or academic functions.
  • Maintain high international academic standards in research and professional students’ learning outcomes.
  • Promote the collaboration between the Architectural Engineering research and graduate studies and the government and industrial sectors nationally and internationally.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply advanced research techniques and methods to the analysis and solution of engineering problems.
  • Demonstrate advance knowledge sufficient to analyze environmental issues related to architectural and urban development
  • Design urban or building engineering systems, components, or processes to meet desired needs
  • Develop advanced knowledge in a specialized and emerging area of architectural engineering
  • Communicate effectively independent research projects.
  • Evaluate regional and global building or urban systems according to relevant regulations and codes
  • Discuss critically gained knowledge of contemporary professional practice in architectural Engineering

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 30 hours

Architectural Engineering

Required Courses (15.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARCH600Building Research & Methods3.000
ARCH601Graduate Research Seminar1.000
ARCH602Urbanization & Urban Development3.000
ARCH603Sustainable Design3.000
ARCH605Independent Research2.000
ARCH606Project Management3.000

Elective Courses - 9CH for Thesis option and 15CH for Non-Thesis option (15.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARCH610Contemporary Issues in Urban Development3.000
ARCH611Urban & Regional Planning3.000
ARCH612Irregular & Complex Construction Facilities3.000
ARCH613Design Reasoning & Architecture Critique3.000
ARCH614Sustainable Community Develop3.000
ARCH615Housing Development3.000
ARCH616Environmental Planning & Impact Assessment3.000
ARCH617Selected Topics in Architectural Engineering 13.000
ARCH620Building Codes3.000
ARCH621Architecture Specification & Quantitative Estimating3.000
ARCH622Tendering and Bidding3.000
ARCH623Integrated Design for Construction3.000
ARCH624Advanced Build Construction Systems3.000
ARCH625Cost Planning Management of Construction Projects3.000
ARCH626Advanced Building Design Details3.000
ARCH630Building Acoustics3.000
ARCH627Selected Topics in Architectural Engineering 23.000
ARCH631Build Illumination & Day Design3.000
ARCH632Climate Research in Build Energy Efficiency3.000
ARCH633Air & Water Systems in Buildings3.000
ARCH634Building Science Experiment Research Lab3.000
ARCH635Fenestration Analysis & Design3.000
ARCH636Building Ventilation3.000
ARCH637Selected Topics in Architectural Engineering 33.000



6 Credit Hours for Thesis option and 3 Credit Hours for non-thesis option (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARCH698Research Based Design Project  13.000
ARCH699Thesis  26.000
1 : Non-Thesis Only
2 : Thesis Only